Wedding Mapilappattu and Oppana Thrissur Calicut Cochin Trivandrum

Mapilappattu is a traditional genre of Muslim songs often sung at occasions such as birth, death and marriage. The lyrics used will be in colloquial Mappila dialect of Malayalam laced with Arabic. They even use words from Urdu, Hindi, Tamil and Persian. The main theme will be love, religion, heroism and satire. Even though it has a different cultural identity, it had become an integral part of the heritage of Malayalam literature and considered as one of the most popular stream of Malayalam literature. Mapilappattu was there over seven centuries. The first dated work was in 1607 A.D by Qadi Muhammad, named Muhyidheen Mala. Various types of Mapilappattu were composed over the centuries. Wedding Mapilappattu is one among them. Mapilappattu sung during the occasion of marriage is different from that of the other kinds. It is generally known as 'Mailanchi Pattu'. Other varieties of Mapilappattu are also sung during marriage function. They are called Oppana Pattu and the Ammayi Pattu. They deal with the themes of love and marriage. They are sung in chorus usually accompanied by the Oppana performance. Wedding Mapilappattu is interconnected with Oppana dance in Kerala. It is sung only during wedding. Wedding Mapilappattu will be in Malayalam and may have certain words and phrases from other languages.

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