Sufi Dance Kerala

Sufi dance also known as Sufi whirling is a kind of physically active meditation usually performed by the Sufis. It is a customary dance performed by the Sufis during sama (a ceremony by Sufis), or worship ceremony. It is still performed by the Sufi dervishes. They consider it as a way to reach the source of perfection. It is believed that, while whirling all their egos and personal desires will be thrown away and can attain perfection.

The performer spins around his center for a long duration. By doing that, they will have a feeling that all their egos will go away surrender them to the God. Whirling through the space, the dance takes form of the cosmic rhythm. While spinning, the Sufis arms will be open, right arm directed to the sky in order to receive the God's blessings, and the left hand turned towards the earth connecting with it.

The Sufis believe that, the knowledge is metaphysical and it can only be attained through practice. They consider Sufi dance as the way of practice. While performing, the Sufis will cross their arms which represent God as Oneness. The dancers forget themselves while dancing. So that they can enter the trance, becoming united with the Divine Lover. They consider Sufi dance as the dance of divine love.


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