Photography and Videography

Weddings today are as much a photo opportunity than being just a marriage. The photographer and videographer take control &direct the entire sequence from the beginning to the end. We make your wedding album, decorative with beautiful borders of various designs and colours. More than the selection of a right album it’s imperative to select the right photographer and videographer.

We lay emphasis on:
  • Interviewing photographers and negotiating with them to get the best out of them.
  • Coordinating as well as organising outdoor shoot for the couple.
  • Giving them the list of ceremonies to be covered and sequence of events.
  • Organising the videographer in terms of settings and editing, background music, ,special effects, backdrops,digital mixing, adlighting etc.
  • Selection of photographs and albums and coordinating them.
  • Suggestions on special effects on videotaping.
  • Portfolio shoots of family members.
  • Wedding video like a movie to be given as a gift to guests.
Some of the recommended Photographers, videographer and their team are :
  • Candid Photography
  • Digital Photography and Video
    • Luxmi Digital
    • Mili Ghosh Photography
    • Studio Red/Desire Arts
    • Amit Vision
    • Prem Studio

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