Hindu Wedding Planner

Hindu marriages comprise of rituals and elaborate celebrations. Most Hindu wedding ceremony mostly lasts for four to five days. We at Melodia take an active part in providing the best service in organising pre-wedding rituals, and post-wedding rituals accordingly


Var Mala: This means the groom is taken to the scaffold where he showered with flowers from the bride's side, and the grooms family saves him with their shield this a kind of traditional, then the bride goes around the groom circling the groom four times. As soon as, the groom and bride exchange garlands or "var mala" signifying their acceptance of each other as husband and wife. The grooms, mother puts kajal and performs Arti to ward off evil spirits to complete the ceremony, this custom denotes the originality of the main wedding ceremony. The grooms dhoti or kurta is then tied to the bride’s saree denoting that they are in sacred wedlock. The groom and the bride then take seven circles called "phere", taking seven vows to show that they have entered in matrimony.

Phere: The Bride and the groom then take seven circles of the havan taking seven vows, which are:
  • With God as our guide and take the first step to live with honour and respect.
  • Let us be happy and enjoy life and walk together so we grow together in strength.
  • Let us share joys and pains together and walk together so we get wealth.
  • Let us not forget parents and elders. And walk together so we get happiness by sharing our joys and sorrows.
  • Let us observe all acts of charity and walk together so we have family.
  • Let us live a long and peaceful life and walk together so we have joy.
  • Let us be friends with love and sacrifice and walk together so we have friendship.
Kanya Daan: Father of the bride then hands his daughter over to the groom , as a tradition the groom recites Vedic hymns to Kama the god of love and blessings.

Vidaai: The bride bids a tearful farewelll to all her elders and parents, as she leaves for the grooms’ house, all the elders in the family shower the couple with good memories and blessings.

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