Duffmuttu Kerala

Duffmuttu is an art form prevalent among the Muslims of Malabar region. Duff is a percussion instrument made of wood and ox skin. It is also known as thappitta. It is performed as a social entertainment. Duffmuttu is performed especially to commemorate uroos (festival connected with mosques), weddings and other festivals. Usually, the performers will be men. The group will consist six members. They will stand or sit facing each other singing songs and swaying their bodies to the rhythm of the song while the others provide the chorus. Duffmuttu is also known as Rebana. There is no time specific for duffmuttu. The movements of dancers and tempo of the song controls the rhythmic beat of the palm on the duff. Mostly, the songs used are often as a gratitude to the Islamic heroes and martyrs.

There is another dance form called arabana muttu, which is closely related to duffmuttu. This dance form is very popular among most of the Keralites. It is performed as a competitive item during youth festivals. There are no religious barriers and students from different religions perform duffmuttu. It has been performed even in some of the latest Malayalam movies. The rhythmic and unique steps makes it different and attractive.


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