Melodia creates programs and events of any size from a single event to a multi-city national tour.We start by understanding your marketing objectives and customer base. At Melodia we tailor a display design that maximises impact in the most cost-effective manner. Melodia is experts at creating powerful and unforgettable experiences for every visitor to your display or event.

Melodia team creates a virtual tour of your project walking you through the finished experience.

After completion of display properties our team takes a sharp look at the the quantitative and qualitative effectiveness of the entire program so that implementation at the venue goes as you planned. We incorporate our expertise to track results and capture vital information on-site.

Our services:

Brand promotion venue & tours

Brand promotion events:
A Brand Event puts your brand centre stage through the channels of event marketing. Melodia can create an event, or collaborate your branded assets to make an impression in the market.


Reduce Overall Costs – We have the advantage to deliver and streamline the process of delivering top quality work on time, with priority. We help in reducing the cost to suit your budget.
  • Relevance – Ensuring the event is both relevant and popular with the customers it is vital to make the brand advantages, so that we can set the ball rolling for a proper engagement from your consumer
  • Match deliverables to event geography – We make sure that location for every Brand Even is dealt with much importance and all details are touched upon not leaving any room for error. This is a required step to ensure that the deliverables we propose for our client will be placed properly and effectively.
  • Design a plan – We keep in place the costs, the location and make sure that our client's brands are upbeat for consumer experiences. Our team of professional create & implement tactics that help to increase marketing the brand and also execute it on site.
  • Area- Our team makes sure that maximum attention is given to stimulate the audience, and focuses intricately on every minute detail in dividing the zones so that it is easy manage all the products of the event.
  • Flow – Our team focuses on the top prioritise of the brand event and makes sure that it is executed & showcased in a way to support the brand key-messages to get more output.
  • Brand-Ambassadors – Keeping the larger picture in mind our team of experts , who have hands on experience in organising the event combine the event zones with proper placement of the event ambassadors, to get the maximum out of the consumer.
With a good venue in place it create a lasting awareness and interaction to promote the Brand. Our experienced team members at Melodia will find that perfect venue for you! We make sure we meet all your needs to get most out of the brand
  • Make sure that all the clients need and goals are met and set for the venue
  • Adhere to the clients request
  • Set up a friendly atmosphere, and stage set up interactive
  • Coordinate with clients with regards to the venue logistics
  • Space & Layout
  • Technical support
  • Background check done by the staff
  • Maintain the brand quality

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