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Band Set Kerala

Band set is a familiar term for most of the people. In olden times, band set was a kind of entertainment. It was performed during certain events. It was a competition item in certain places. Nowadays, the trend has changed and band set has become more popular and new in it's form and presentation. There are groups they play different musical instruments, especially percussion instruments and such kinds. It was seen mainly among Christian families. Most of the Christian marriages do have band performances. Now, it has changed and people from other religions also use band set. In marriage functions, band set is performed during the time of the groom's arrival. The bride's family or the groom's family arranges for a band set in order to welcome the groom and party to the venue of marriage. It was more prevalent in northern side of India. But, nowadays people from other places also follow the same practice. Band set adds more rhythm to the function.

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