Artist Management

We cater to Artist and help them publicised their services, keeping in view the audience. We also provide assistance to our clients by showcasing artist to enhance the investment returns proportion to a desirable level. Our team has specifically trained people to take care of all services (PR)artist's taking into account the image an artist wants to portray to get the attention of the audience. We as a team coordinate with artist's to spread a wide network of resources . Melodia < team is in par with the event management industry.


Melodia provides creator to help our shoppers not solely in sketching associate degree creator career management graph however to reinforce the investment-returns proportion to a fascinating level. creator promotional material services also are catered to keeping in sight the target organised by country contains fascinating selection as they're supported differing kinds of magic performances like stage illusions, magic comedy club magic , performed for a medium to massive audience is near the magician and a few a lot of of such kind. The foremost standard event of the magic show is; Card manipulation, table magic, Coin magic etc. Such enticing shows are an excellent hit throughout birthday parties wherever youngsters get pleasure from the foremost.

Other themes that are dominated throughout magic shows are:
  • Mathemagic-combination of magic and maths.
  • Corporate Magical show and Trade shows Magic that is made for entertaining presentation.
  • Bizarre magic which comprises mystical horror, fantasy and other like themes in performance of magic that sends shocks waves through to the audience, and a few other etc.


We plan corporate party games as well as other game shows in general. The focus of the game show is team work, which helps on a corporate level as conference fillers. There is a lot of room for interaction, and we make sure the whole team competes.

Some of the games we have to offer:
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Play your cards Right
  • Grand bully
  • Physical Activities
  • Dart throwing
We can also arrange different quiz's to test your general knowledge.
  • Concerts
  • Fashion shows
  • Entertainment shows


Through years of experience of organising stunning events and elaborate parties,we at Melodia have built an enviable database of talented performers – all of whom are available for private hire.

We can provide a host of entertainers to transform your party environment and add a whole new zeal to it, from Bollywood artist to sports celebrity – entertainers will always infuse your party with instant energy < enthusiasm. Irrespective e of the theme, or focus of the event you are organising.

Melodia provides artist to assist our clients not only in sketching an artist career management graph but to enhance the investment-returns proportion to a desirable level. We as a team also provide artist coordination services, with a wide spread of facilities the best we can offer.

Melodia helps in providing space for different exhibitions all over Kerala , to highlight your product in exhibition like an, auto expo, Trade fair, Plast India, Property Mela, Textile India, Garment Fair, Furniture fair etc, we have tie up with different exhibition organisers like CII, ITPO, SIAM, Exhibition India etc.

Permissions from relevant Department: Melodia event management will arrange all the necessary permissions from DCP Licensing, PPL, MCD/ NDMC, Fire, Police and Traffic < ITPO.

Build up the Exhibition Area:
Melodia event team, helps fixing up stalls in the exhibition area, branding's, Fabrication, lights chairs etc.

Listing:- Our team sets up the different information regarding,facilities included in the stall, display of the product at the exhibition and also the profile of visitors etc.

To promote the Exhibition, several modes of promotion will be taken in to consideration.
  • Hoarding in the city
  • Print media, Electronic media & FM Publicity,
  • Making arrangements for an industry meet and promotion of overseas clients.
  • Mailing of exhibition brochures.
  • Website designing link provided to search engines.
  • Marketing < promotion of international associates.
  • Press coverage for the exhibition.
Exhibitor Manual: The guidelines about the rules and regulations of the exhibition are handled by our team of experts, the beginning and the ending of the events, timings on modular stand details, stall furnishing details, also includes information with regards to handling of the cargo, electricity load and ancillary services, will be designed, and mailed to all exhibitors. The listings in the exhibitor's directory will contain forms for extra furnishings,badges.

Exhibitor Directory: The exhibitor directory which will list all the companies who participate in the exhibition, with their full company and product profile, for ensuring they get maximum publicity and mileage from the exhibition.

Cargo Co-Ordination: The appointed cargo-handlers will take care of all clearing of all exhibits, special loading equipment, packing and unpacking services .

Exhibition Layout Plan: The layout will be planned by our team of experts so that there is an easy flow of the visitors < exhibitors.

Venue Booking: The Organising Committee will decide the venue.

Exhibitor Badges: Our team at Melodia will provide, exhibitor badges to each participating member of the Exhibitor Company from the organising committee of that exhibition.
Security will also be provided.

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